This is Sharebox

Sharebox simplifies your handover by offering a service completely managed by your phone. App-controlled cabinets, placed at central locations, ensure you a safe and efficient handover whenever you need.

To get started simply download the Sharebox App for free.

Access and availability

Choose a location from list or map; The Sharebox app displays all our locations and gives you directions to any location you want.

Sharebox is placed at central locations with long opening hours (preferably 24 hours service) to ensure the service is available at all time.
The service is now available in:

How it works

Here is a quick presentation of how the service works and how to get started.The Sharebox app is central to our service. In order to utilize the service optimally, a good start is to download the app for free here.


For more questions, go directly to our help center:

what our customers say ......

  • I’ve been a frequent customer of Sharebox’s services ever since the start. An excellent concept that works optimally for handing over keys and other small items. Highly recommended. I even ask shopowners to get their own Sharebox if they do not have one already. I strongly believe this concept.


    Joseph Darling Henriksen – Frequent Customer
  • It was really easy to use. Perfect for Airbnb users. As I didn’t have the mobile number of the person who was to pick up the key, I could use my own number and then have my guest tell me when he was in front of the  Sharebox. For the future I hope it can be easier to combine with Airbnb so that my guest doesn’t have to coordinate with me to open the box.

    Anette Thomassen – Regular Customer
  • This really works. Simple and efficient. I use Sharebox to exchange keys with friends and family who wants to lend my apartment when I’m away. Around the corner there is a Deli de Luca store with a Sharebox. Very convenient. I use the app to rent and open the box. The app sends a link to my contacts and they can open the box at arrival. Brilliant!

    Richard Herman Nesdal – Regular Customer
  • I love this concept. It’s perfect for me who share an apartment in the city. The concept also allows me to rent out the apartment when I am not there. Which otherwise would have been difficult. I use the service to make the keys to my apartment available for short-term rental or to leave for friends or family who wants to lend my apartment now and then. 

    Kathinka Blichenfeldt – Regular Customer


Our locations are carefully chosen to make sure there is a Sharebox available nearby when you need it.

A Sharebox is placed at key locations with preferably 24 hours service. The service is self-operated, and ready for use immediately upon your arrival. The app routes you to the nearest Sharebox or to any location you want.

Want a Sharebox near you?

Do you want a Sharebox near you? Let us know, and we will take it into consideration when it comes to further rollout.
Send a request


Choose between three levels, based on how often you need the service.

Single Handover

Rent per Day
Ensure you a safe and efficient handover whenever you need it.

NOK 29,- / DK 25,- per day

The service is charged every 24 hours. Notifications let you know when your rent is about to exceed 24 hours.

Get started!

Download the Sharebox app for free here.


Rent per Month
Get your own locker for unlimited use.
Multiple recipients – multiple handovers.

NOK 199,- / DK 145,- per month

The service is charged every month. Assign as many recipients you want, and stay notified of any delivery or pick up via App.

Sign up!

to manage all your key exchanges by phone.

Customized Solutions

Annual fee
For an annual fee, we can make a solution tailored to your needs.

Company agreement

The service is charged annually unless otherwise agreed. Contact our sales department and we will make you an offer.

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And get your own customized solution – today!

Online Store

Turn your key exchange challenge into a competitive advantage. Get your own SHAREBOX and allow a smooth handover improve the customer experience.


9 lockers in total, 6 lockers at your disposal for unlimited use.


15 lockers in total, 12 lockers at your disposal for unlimited use.


21 lockers in total, 18 lockers at your disposal for unlimited use.


En Sharebox mini har totalt
9 förvaringsskåp.

Genom att beställa får du 6 stycken till fritt förfogande.

 1.199,00 +

Sharebox Medi

En Sharebox Medi har totalt
15 förvaringsskåp.

Genom att beställa får du 12 stycken till fritt förfogande.

 1.499,00 +


En Sharebox max har totalt
21 förvaringsskåp.

Genom att beställa får du 18 stycken till fritt förfogande.

 1.999,00 +


For the professional market, we provide an administration tool to help organize and track all subscriptions and transactions, in a smart and efficient way.

API Agreements

Optimize your own product or service by adding Sharebox through a customized API integration. Contact our sales department to get an offer.

Order Now?

Soon our ONLINE STORE is opened and you can place your order directly. Until then, contact our sales department for a customized offer.

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Contact Information

Ame Eivind Andersen
(+47) 41 50 21 60
Bjart Andersen
Head of Sales
(+47) 90 99 74 69
Christian Dehn
Country Manager, Denmark
(+45) 40 87 40 88

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How can we help?

Our Support lines are open 24/7 and we are ready to help you at any time on chat, by mail or by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered some of our most frequent questions and answers. Hopefully, they will be of help to you as well. Push the button below and go directly to our help center.

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    Our supportline is open 24/7. In case of an emergency, call us at any time at: Norway: (+47) 40 43 44 44 Denmark: (+45) 77 62 45 00

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    Do you have any questions? You can chat with us directly in the app, on this website or by mail at: